Parents, children and school

Your child will soon finish school - what happens next?


There are many work opportunities for young people after they have left school. However, many young people do not know exactly what work they want to do or what they might want to study. They also often don't know how to find their dream job.

Here you will find information on the following:

Do you want to know more about different jobs?

The Stadtelternbeirat lists various advisory services:

The gjb (Gesellschaft für Jugendbeschäftigung e.V.) offers free advice for parents.

The gjb explains its services in this film. The film is three minutes long.

A young woman trained to work in the tourist industry. She talks about this in this film and gives young people tips. The film lasts 15 minutes.

Find out more about work, professions and training in the AmkA.Info Online guide. The guide contains lots of information on finding the right job and advice centres that can help you.

Does your child want to study? The AmkA.Info Online guide contains important information about going to college:

Do you want to change to a different vocational school?

Do you want another vocational school, not the one in your school district? Then you must apply for permission with a "Gestattungs-Antrag". The grounds on which permission can be given are explained by the Schulämter Hessen (Hesse school boards).

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